12 Feedback Questions You can Ask Your Customers Through a Feedback Survey

“12 Feedback Questions You can Ask Your Customers Through a Feedback Survey”

A feedback survey is a tool that businesses use to collect customers' feedback regarding their products. It assists the product management team to understand customers’ requirements for the product. Valuable data form the basis of the product development process.

Considering customer feedback for product development is of utmost importance. Every product management team must prioritize customers’ feedback for product improvement. A proper customer feedback management process also helps in gaining customer loyalty.

By customer feedback, we do not mean to shower too many questions on customers. Before conducting a survey to collect customer feedback, it is necessary to create an appropriate survey process outline. It entails selecting the best customer feedback tools as well as relevant and appropriate questions.

Asking irrelevant questions can annoy your customers, causing them to avoid providing feedback on product features.

A product management team should consider the following points before conducting a feedback survey:

Be Polite While Asking Questions

Customers are extremely irritated when they are suddenly confronted with questions. When asking questions, be generous. In the beginning, you can also ask customers about their health and their experience with the product. It makes them happy.

Tell Them the Motive of the Survey

Before directly asking questions, inform customers of the purpose of the survey. It is necessary in order for customers to provide valuable feedback.

Ask for Recording Feedback

Some customers do not wish to be visible on any online platform. So, you should inquire whether they are comfortable providing audio-visual feedback or only audio feedback.

Prioritize Feedback

After collecting customer feedback surveys, you should prioritize them according to the data. Prioritize the feature which most of the customers expect to have in your product. It will also help you in creating a product roadmap for its development.

Keep Your Customers Updated

After the feedback survey, it is crucial to keep your customers updated. You should notify them about the product improvement you have made based on their feedback.

Here is the list of 12 questions that can be asked through feedback surveys

The following are the high-impact questions for a customer feedback survey:

1.    Where did you hear first about our brand/product?

2.    How frequently do you use our product?

3.    What is your primary reason for using our product?

4.    How did our product solve your problem?

5.    What are the most important features in our product that you found significant?

6.    Are you getting your money's worth by using this product?

7.    What is your major issue with the product?

8.    What difficulties did you encounter while visiting our website?

9.    What changes do you want to see in our onboarding process?

10. What nearly prevented you from purchasing our product?

11. What would be your alternative if we did not exist?

12. How can we improve your experience with the product?

The above questions in the feedback survey process assist you in collecting relevant and valuable feedback. An online customer feedback survey informs a product management team about the market performance of the product. They are aware of both the most important and least important features of the product. Furthermore, customer feedback surveys play an important role in improving product features.

A product survey is the best way to learn what customers think of your product and how frequently they use it. It also aids in the identification of market competitors. Knowing all of this allows you to implement potential strategies for staying ahead of the competition.