How to use customer feedback to win back lost customers?

gather customer feedback

Every business strives to increase customers and sales, which allows the company to expand indefinitely. Customer feedback is critical for all businesses. Positive feedback can generate leads to drive potential customers. However, negative customer feedback can devastate an entire company, it prevents a potential buyer who has just added a product to his cart from placing an order.

Unrivaled business strategies always gather customer feedback and use it to improve their products and services. Every business has multiple communication channels through which customers can contact them. Customers have various queries and questions to ask, as well as product reviews that they wish to deliver to businesses. For a better customer experience, businesses must be open to reviews, feedback, and questions.

A customer-centric approach always helps businesses to win the game. Customer feedback is the experience they gain after purchasing and using your products. It is a great tool to assess your growth and to rectify your services.

The following are the best ways to collect and use customer feedback:

Feedback Survey

Best Ways to Collect and Use Customer Feedback

Below are some of the best ways to collect and use customer feedback.

A customer feedback survey is the most common and effective way to gather feedback. It includes a set of questions that the customer has to answer. While creating the survey, select short questions and give answer options to customers. It will save their time and effort. Customers generally ignore long and complicated questions that hamper the survey process.

Immediate survey during application

These surveys are best suited for digital products and apps. While the customer is using the app or the product, the inbuilt prompt survey will appear. It is the best way to get to know real customers' experiences with the product and services. Quick and short questions help to gather genuine customer feedback.

Score Survey

The customer satisfaction score is part of the score survey. This score indicates a customer's satisfaction level after using products and services. It is the shortest and quickest way to get customer feedback.

A customer satisfaction score can be calculated as:

CSAT Score = (no. of satisfied customers - no. of dissatisfied customers) %

Customer Feedback Through Email

Collect user feedback from email

An email is an excellent way to make a customer feel appreciated. You are telling them that their opinion matters in this way. You can ask customers to share their experiences with a specific product or service via email. This way, you can get the customer's elaborative opinion and learn what improvements they want in your products and services.

Ask for audio and video feedback

Service providers can request customers to share audio or video feedback. It has a great impact on driving potential customers. For a genuine experience, customers can create videos while unpacking the product or using the services.

Knowing the customer's perspective is an excellent way to comprehend their needs. Analysing customer feedback enables businesses to develop more efficient strategies that meet the needs of their customers. It aids in the improvement of brand incredibility, which facilitates in the achievement of business objectives.