What is Software as a Service and Ways to Improve It?

What is Software as a Service and Ways to Improve It

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a centralized hosted, licensed and web-based subscription model. It is rightly known as on-demand software as SaaS services are provided as the subscription to the clients. Clients can access the SaaS services through a web browser. It has become the essential delivery model to streamline the operation of businesses. SaaS provides business applications such as Office software, payroll processing software, messaging software, management software, CRM, customer feedback management software, HR software, Content management software and several other applications.

Several SaaS applications have a user-friendly portal and self-service portal that enables customers to operate it independently. The usability of SaaS products is increasing at an incredible pace. SaaS-providing companies are continuously striving to build cutting-edge products that cater to the requirements of customers and bring a progressive change in society. They are consistently improving SaaS features for an excellent customer experience.

Improving SaaS Product

Improving SaaS Product

It is crucial to implement UX practices to improve the usability of the SaaS platform in a better way. Managing customer feedback for SaaS products is essential to assess the essential features that need to be added to the product. The product management team considers a few objectives for SaaS product improvement:

·   Increasing User-speed by optimizing the processes

·   Eliminating User-frustration and confusion while working on the SaaS platform

·   Reducing churn rate by providing an excellent user experience

·   User engagement through contextual dashboard and User-interface

Improving SaaS applications with customer feedback is a part of a winning business strategy. Along with providing a User-friendly platform with clarity of functionality, it is crucial to consider customer reviews for a SaaS product.

Most successful business organizations for SaaS products are customer-centric. Customers feedback guides the product management team to improve the functionality of the SaaS product. Several feedback management tools for SaaS are used to collect and manage customers’ feedback.

Detailed Feedback Through Analytics Data

Customer analytic data offers detailed and visual confirmation of customers' behavior with regard to SaaS product usability. This analytical data delivers quick feedback regarding the changing features or software of SaaS products.

One-on-One Conversation

One-on-One Conversation

A one-on-one conversation with SaaS customers offers exact information about the usage of SaaS products in their business. Customer interview also reveals their additional expectations from SaaS software. It aids the product management team in taking important decisions about SaaS feature integration. Furthermore, through personal interviews, customers feel delighted and valued.

Usability Testing for SaaS Product

Usability testing is the way to deliver tasks regarding SaaS operations. Monitoring user behavior during the task helps you to understand what hurdles they are facing to access and operate the tasks. It is one of the best ways to get feedback and utilize it for product improvement.

Integrating Feedback Tool to the Application

The in-app feedback tool is effective at gathering quick and dependable feedback from users. It is also an efficient method of gathering new and relevant customer experiences. You can quickly identify flaws and limitations in a SaaS product.

Customer Surveys

Customer survey provides you with a diverse range of customer feedback. It provides data that can be qualified. It assists businesses in prioritizing the features that will be integrated into the SaaS product.

Feedback from Social Media Platforms

When customers discuss your products and services on social media, you must scan and monitor the process. It is a more cost-effective and time-efficient method of gathering feedback.

You can gain the loyalty of the customers by requesting them to share their experience with your products. These are the most effective ways for product improvement.