Which are the Top Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback?

Which are the Top Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is the opinion of customers about the products and services of a business.   It is crucial for the growth of a business. It targets the aspects of the product that require improvements. Feedback is a must to surface the insight that makes the suggested improvements possible. The following are the advantages of customer feedback.

Marketing Tools

Customer feedback is a powerful marketing tool that drives traffic to your business website. Business strategies that have a customer centric approach most likely gain positive customer experience and feedback. Businesses use positive feedback to share on websites and different platforms for the purpose of marketing.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer-Centric Approach

Requesting feedback from customers is an excellent way to make them happy. They feel honoured and special knowing that their opinion is valued. Furthermore, when businesses make changes based on customer suggestions, it is a win-win situation for both customers and companies.

Product Improvement

Product Improvement

Nobody other than a customer can tell you what they want from your products and services. Customer feedback allows you to adapt your strategy to their needs. Businesses thrive by improving products and services that are strictly suggested by customers.

Customer feedback is critical for the success of a business. So, it is essential for businesses to adopt an excellent customer feedback system that aids in collecting their feedback.

Here are the best customers feedback tools that help them to collect feedback regarding products and services:


Typeform helps in creating surveys form, questionnaires and intuitive forms to collect customers’ feedback. It has a prebuilt template and user-friendly editor with a built-in photo and video library.


UserReport is a built-in feature of the website and mobile app. It enables you to communicate directly with customers. It collects real-time data by learning what your customers want from your brand. It is the most efficient method of gathering customer feedback.


It is a reputation management tool that also has a messaging feature. It is designed to optimise customer reviews from various digital platforms. It includes live chat and video chat for direct interaction with customers. It also helps in tracking business analytics in terms of customer reviews.


SurveyMonkey enables businesses to know the behaviour of their customers. it is a digital survey software with over 100 integrations with apps and plugins. It has inbuilt survey templates for health, marketing and education businesses. SurveyMonkey also has an advanced analysis feature for collecting customers’ feedback.


Hubspot is a free online form builder for collecting customer feedback. It is one of the most effective customer feedback systems, providing a net promoter score, a customer satisfaction survey, and a customer effort score. It aids in the creation of surveys and their distribution via email and on your website.

Korrect assists your company in gathering customer feedback from various online channels. As a result, businesses can use it to make significant brand improvements.