Bug Tracking Software

Bug Tracking Software

Keep Track of All Bugs in a Single Place

Let Your Users Review the defects they are facing with your software and then Record those Bugs to Evolve Your Software

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Bug Tracking Using Software

Who doesn't want to track the issues or defects? Korrect is a tool that does the same for your software. By using Korrect, customers can leave comments, which makes it easy to find good new ideas and enhance already-existing features. Recording bugs or suggestions from customer reviews are helpful for you and your staff to take the right step towards the changes to your product.

In other words, defects are bugs. Bug tracking is, in general, the process of noting and keeping track of problems or defects during software testing. There could be hundreds or thousands of flaws in large systems. Each must be weighed in terms of importance, oversight, and debugging. In some situations, tracking bugs over time may be necessary.

When a program or application doesn't operate as intended, it has a software bug. The majority of problems are due to flaws or errors in the system architects, designers, or developers. To comprehend, track, and report on mistakes that arise during the development and testing of an application using client feedback, testing teams can use GetKorrect's bug-tracking feature.

How Korrect Work For You?

Collect Customer Feedbacks

Let your users review what bugs or defects they are facing with your software. Once they are reviewed, collect feedback.

Analyze the Feedback

Categories, overview, and redefine your product by analyzing feedback.

Prioritize & Roadmap

Prioritize the feedback based on different models with the support of our tool. Add the features to the roadmap and integrate them with different project management tools.

Announce Updates

Keep your customers updated with the new features. We will keep a changelog and notify your customers by email.

Benefits Of Bug Tracking Software

Useful Information

Reports and analytics assist in the establishment of long-lasting project and issue management records that might affect present and future corporate choices.

Optimized Group

Work order requests and resolution techniques are automated and centrally located, bringing structure to team operations and establishing best practices for problem management.

Enhanced Productivity

Assignments and resolution status are shown on dashboards, making it clear whether somebody is falling behind or if there are bottlenecks. Users are aware of the bugs they are in charge of, as well as their priorities and deadline. This enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

Why is Bug Tracking Important?

For Customer Satisfaction

Customers are pleased and satisfied when they are directly involved in the testing phase with bug-tracking software. To utilize their product effectively, which is more dependable, trustworthy, and even possible to suggest to others, they will be glad to notice fewer or no bugs.

For Identifying and Reducing Errors in Light of Your Customers

Testing teams are responsible for managing any faults found by a good QA procedure, which may find hundreds or even thousands of them. By assisting testers in prioritising, tracking, and reporting on the status of each error, bug tracking with Korrect is integrated into the testing workflow to increase productivity.

For Ensuring that Any System Bugs are Fixed

Our tools offer useful metrics in addition to a strategy to ensure follow-through. Depending on the feedback the programme receives, the team may be able to link problems to updated code, tests, or other information that may enable traceability or trend analysis for faults. It could be time to review and rewrite a particular module if it is filled with errors.

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