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Are you trying to find free changelog tools that you can utilize to alert users about updates? To keep track of upgrades and ensure their transparency, the world's most renowned software businesses publish changelogs. Changelogs are essential if you want to impress your users and keep your internal development team in sync. In this blog, we will look at the changelog tool and how it can be helpful.

What is a Changelog Tool?

A changelog is merely a list of changes and updates to a project. The project frequently consists of a website, app, or piece of software.

It serves as a chronological record of all upgrades, problem corrections, and new features. Changelogs were traditionally files, although they can change depending on the project type.

Why do You Need a Changelog?

Changelogs serve as a single location to view the history of the project and make it simple for users, contributors, and stakeholders to clearly understand what significant changes have been made from version to version.

The progress of projects is important to those who utilize and participate in them. They are interested in learning what has changed, what prompted the choice, how it was made, and how it will affect them. It demonstrates professionalism and openness and is a transparent best practice.

Here is the list of some of the reasons

Schedule Changelog Updates

To inform your subscribers, you may quickly schedule changelog updates for a specific day and time. A changelog tool automates the requirement to send announcements at the ideal time to increase engagement.

Keep a Changelog: Public or Private

A changelog tool for your internal and public updates.

  • To keep customers and users informed, create a public changelog. You can also restrict access to internal or external audiences.
  • You can easily control access to your board.

Collect Feedback from Changelog Posts

Short development cycles and quick feedback are essential. Receive comments on your most recent changelog announcements and upgrades so you can monitor user happiness with your software, website, or mobile app.

Required Features for the Changelog Tool

Social sharing: By including this option, you can make it simple for customers to share their favorite updates on social media. Your customers will enjoy bragging about how great your product is to their friends on Facebook or Twitter!

Email Announcements: A vital component of any changelog program! With each changelog release, send email updates to your users and customers.

Collect Feedback: Utilize a changelog program that enables you to gather user and customer feedback on particular new upgrades to get their opinions on recent updates. Obtaining feedback from your customers—the ones who matter most—is a great benefit!

Searchable and Sortable Feed: A changelog might grow significantly over time, particularly if you ship numerous changes. Your changelog tool has to provide a searchable and sortable feed of all the additions, deletions, and modifications made in each release.

Simple Release Notes: Keep your changelog tool straightforward and user-friendly. Using a feature-rich editor that has a user-friendly interface lets you add images, links, and other formatting straight into the changelog entries.

Schedule Posts: It's crucial to plan changelog changes so that they appear at a certain time or date. Your product management procedure will go more smoothly if it is simple to plan changelogs for upcoming release dates and times, allowing you to return to creating new features.


Changelogs are required for error control, software updates, and bug patches, making the execution of the massive project simple. However, you should make sure that any changelog software you use has all the necessary functionality before integrating it into your project.

One of the best changelog tools is Korrect, which is why so many developers and founders use it. a hassle-free administration experience, quick and easy feedback sharing, and a wide range of customization choices. We suggest you try Korrect.

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