Feature Request Tracking

Feature Request Tracking Software

The best product ideas for your company are frequently generated by your customers. The individuals who use your product are the best ones to advise you on the direction it should go in.

The issue is that it's far simpler to say than do to keep track of your customers' feature requests. Even more challenging is developing a two-way system where you collaborate and talk to your consumers about their desires.

Most businesses claim to care about feature requests - and they mean it - but they lack an efficient system to take care of them. These causes feature requests to be ignored, the wrong requests to be given priority, and various other problems.

Many of these issues can be resolved by feature request management software, which will also aid in keeping your product firmly focused on the requirements and desires of real users. Read the complete article, here we’ll share what a feature request tool needs to have and which is the best feature request tool.

What a “Feature Request Tracking” Tool Must Have?

Let's start by asking what makes a feature request tracking tool good or bad.

When selecting which tool to utilise, there are a few factors and characteristics to consider. When ranking the feature request tools, we took a look at a few factors, including these.

Collect Feature Requests

The majority of businesses do consider customer feedback and feature requests. The issue is that it's spread throughout a hundred separate locations. Some are recorded in service tickets, emails to the founder, emails to one salesman, a feature request spreadsheet that only one person updates, and so on.

Everything should be collected in one location by your feature request tracker so you can simply see which features all of your customers are requesting.

Acknowledging Customers’ Requests

Make sure your users know they are being heard when they offer feedback or feature requests. They're telling you this as a courtesy because they want to continue using and paying for your software. So let them know that your consideration of their feedback is appreciated.

Additionally, it enables your customers to connect with and experience a sense of ownership over your product. Technically speaking, you are boosting a customer's lifetime value in addition to moving in the right direction.

Your customers will know that their input is being used constructively if your feature request tracking process is open and transparent, and this will motivate users to provide more feedback in the future.

Identity is Key

Customers differ greatly from one another. It's crucial to understand who is providing you with feedback.

  • Adapt your decisions according to the needs of your target segment
  • Keep an eye out for the qualities required to close particular deals.
  • To provide feedback, users don't need to log in— Korrect handles this automatically.

Upvotes to Prioritise Requests

The opinions of each and every user are valuable. Instead of learning what the bulk of customers wants, we all too frequently end up listening to the loudest or most vocal people.

It is simple to determine which feature requests are most popular and give these features priority using a feature request tool with upvoting. Instead of allocating a development cycle to something that only gets utilized by one or two people, this will lead to new releases and speedier adaptations.

Informing Customers About New Features

You must "close the loop" and inform your clients that their request has been fulfilled once you've finally released that new feature or fixed that unpleasant bug.

Your feature request tool should ideally include a means to let users know when their feature request has been shipped along with an easy way to announce new versions, such as a public roadmap.

How to Track Feature Request?

Korrect is one of the best tool that allows you and your team to log feature requests, bugs tracking, or suggestions directly from your application via an embedded widget. Customers can vote on current feature requests and offer their own feedback. This enables you to recognize useful product concepts and enhance current functionality rapidly.

Korrect is providing all the above-mentioned features. This will help to make your product based on what your customers want.