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Feature Voting Tool
Feature Voting Tool

Knowing what features your customers want is a key point when it comes to creating a great product. That’s why the product team has to understand which features are essential to their customers. But It's challenging to simultaneously cater to a variety of customers from various industries and varying personas.

To decide which features to work on, you need good tools. Feature voting tool is used in this situation.

What is Feature Voting

When customers vote for features they want on the product roadmap, this is known as feature voting or roadmap voting. Similar to Reddit, the features with the highest votes are displayed at the top of the list of features.

This is typically accomplished through a website where your customers can submit feature requests. If a feature has previously been requested, they should upvote it rather than create a duplicate.

As a result, you now have a nice-looking public roadmap that organizes itself based on customer interest.

Why Should You Use Feature Voting?

There is a numerous number of reason why you should be using feature voting, but here are some of the best reasons in no particular order.

Know What Matters to Your Customers

Finding out what matters most to your customers and which customers care about what is the primary objective of feature voting.

What is Most Important to Your Customers?

The features that are most significant to your customers will receive the most upvotes. Your product will gain value if you build features that your customers want and appreciate.

Who Cares About Which feature?

Look up the customers who are rating which features. If you have multiple customer personas or segments, you can determine which segments are most important to each one and base your product decisions on those segments.

Eliminate Ambiguity from Your Feature and Roadmap Prioritization

The finest source for what you should include in your product comes directly from the users—your customers—who use your product day in and day-out.

When your customers vote on the ideas already on your roadmap, using a tool like Korrect to prioritize the roadmap, you can be sure you're solving the problems your customers care about Huh. The amount of votes given to each feature proposal confirms the feature's demand and, thus, its internal priority.

Additionally, when your consumers vote on a feature suggestion from one of your boards, it can reveal something you didn't realize your customers wanted or had a use case for. It's similar to discovering gems in the rough.

Feature Voting Aids in Closing the Feedback Loop

When a feature is eventually released, one of the best parts of product development is sending a thank-you email to the client who came up with the feature idea. This is known as closing the feedback loop.   From ideation to development to consumer delivery, you embrace their feedback.

You can do this at scale with the use of feature voting tools. When you submit an idea, we instantly send an email to the proposal's creator as well as to everyone else who expressed interest by either voting or leaving a remark.

Bridging Customers and Your Team

Last but not least, the major goal of feature voting is to give customers a reliable platform to communicate with the team about feature requests. This provides a base of the agreement for your teammates to communicate and interact with the customers. After all, creating products is a team game.

Best Feature Voting Tool

Korrect: Build a better product.

Korrect makes it easier to keep track of features, concepts, and other proposals on the customer feedback portal. It assists you in managing the whole feedback lifecycle, from gathering feature requests to prioritizing features, guiding the development of the product roadmap, and communicating product updates through release notes.

Additionally, Korrect enables you to record, monitor, compile, and evaluate all user feedback in a single spot. Then, incorporate the most important feedback into your roadmap, let users know what's new via release notes, and include a close-the-loop function.


Just keep in mind that a great feedback voting mechanism is much more than just a way to collect upvotes; otherwise, everyone would use Excel or a Trello board. Consider which option is most practical for your company's size, most cost-effective, and, most crucially, capable of managing the full feedback loop.

Korrect is one of the tools that help to achieve all these things.

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