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Feedback From Users

Businesses can create customer-centric solutions that better serve customers and address their concerns by using customer feedback and suggestion boards. This in turn boosts customer loyalty and retention, which in turn can be utilised to create social proof and so attract more new customers.

Here, we will talk about what is a user feedback board and how it will be useful for your product or business.

What is a Feedback Board?

A feedback board is a tool that allows you to gather and manage all of your feedback in one convenient location. You have the option of gathering input from team members internally, externally from users and customers, or from both.

Collaboration and understanding of what features your users want are facilitated via feedback boards. Everyone has access to the suggestions made by others, and they can vote for or comment on those suggestions.

When to Use a Feedback Board?

The ideal time to begin using a user feedback board is as soon as your product launches in order to get feedback from users. Feedback boards are the ideal resource you can use when you're new to the field and want to quickly win over customers' trust and establish a community. If you've already launched, you likely have customers. When you have customers then it's crucial to incorporate your customers while creating a product.

In conclusion, now is a good time to start using a feedback board. The sooner you allow users to share their feedback keeping your customers' engagement and happiness in mind, the better it will be.

Benefits of Using a Feedback Board

There are tons of benefits to using a feedback board but here we will discuss some of the important ones.

1. Prioritisation

If you currently gather customer feedback in any way, I bet it can be unorganized. Support tools include email, live chat, and tickets. Where do you keep everything? How can you evaluate how useful a request is? So, how do you decide what to prioritize?

But if you use a feedback board then it would be much easier to collect and prioritize the request.

2. Communication

"Contact us" email forms always seem like a black hole to customers. When someone does answer, it's typically with "I'll pass that on to the team."

I got it. It is impossible to maintain track of specific requests and inform interested customers as you move forward.

But if you use a feedback board it will be much better, trust me.

  • An email with a feature request is sent to you by a customer.
  • You share their request on your Korrect feedback board and reply with a link so they can see how it's proceeding.
  • The same customer will now vote on additional suggestions. Possibly contribute their viewpoint to the conversation. More feedback!
  • They now know where to express their opinions. This means No emails!

3. Building Trust

This is an easy one. Customers are more likely to trust you if you engage with them on your roadmap. People prefer to know what to expect. Furthermore, it provides them with something to expect.

Customers that have faith in you are more devoted to your business. They also spend more money as a result.


You are aware of the significance of feedback to the success of your business. A feedback and suggestions board can help you advance your company far more quickly than you would have thought possible. So don’t be too late, set up your feedback board. Find out who your clients are, and what their main issues are, and then fix them.

Korrect is one of the best feedback board tools that can help you to solve your problem very efficiently. So if you are planning to use any tool then do check Korrect.