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Get a Flexible, Powerful and Convenient Alternative to HelloNext

Korrect is a great option for startups searching for a cheaper and more user-friendly HelloNext alternative.

Korrect is a free feedback management tool and is intended to be easy and intuitive and to provide the quickest way to collect feedback and communicate with your users at a price that all companies can afford irrespective of their size.

Your All-In-One User Feedback Management Tool

Best HelloNext Alternative

You don't pay for a simple changelog tool with Korrect; instead, you receive more functionality and customisations than with HelloNext. Here, you provide more opportunities for consumers to express themselves and collect user comments on organised boards.

Exclusive Features

We believe you deserve more, therefore you can now create a roadmap with votes and rating scores to see which requests and ideas are most popular with clients at no additional cost. When you discover only one spot to collect user input in the HelloNext widget, you can observe the difference. In our widget, you have options for expanding the user experience and being heard.


Here, your users may do more than simply communicate with your team; they can also remark, vote, react, interact, and even start new threads among themselves! This experience will transform the way you collect user feedback, organise a roadmap that is always being built, increase involvement with what people desire, and make working with your team easier.

Boost customer retention

Korrect's Widgets make changes visible on your website, in-app, and at the proper time. Customers see the changes as well as how hard you work for them on a consistent basis, which thrills them. This is because buyers become delighted when they see something they have desired for a long time.

Why Choose Korrect Over HelloNext?

In-App Widget

Our tools Roadmap, Changelog, and user feedback board are organised in organised tabs so that the user can learn to move quickly and effortlessly. There's no reason to throw away your product. This is the most comprehensive In-App Widget you will discover.

Allow clients to see how simple and efficient features are and how much you care about them.

Only the most important features

Despite the fact that we provide many features to our customers, we take satisfaction in providing tools that make a difference to users. Each new Changelog update will be efficient and will attempt to revolutionise the way businesses communicate with their users. Not only HelloNext's bloated software.

Spend little and get more features!

Korrect is a better alternative to HelloNext when it comes to providing additional options;  the plans also include a roadmap and feedback board, instead of just a simple feedback board. This all for the same price as HelloNext. Here, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive toolkit available.

All of these constraints are capabilities and opportunities that HelloNext can not provide, making Korrect the natural choice.

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