Release Notes Tool

Release Note Tool

Update Your Users With Korrect's Release Notes Tool

Keep your users informed about all of your product launches. Declare any recent modifications to your product, including any new features, enhancements, or general announcements.

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What is Release Notes Tool?

Your users must have added their feedback for your product, is it not your time to inform them that you care about their feedback?

With Korrect's release notes tool you can describe any new features added, problems fixed and enhancements made by the company to a product or piece of software. It's a way to view previous upgrades and release versions as well as comprehend the present condition of a platform.

The Purpose Of Release Notes Tool

Release Notes are created to notify consumers about product changes, specifically modifications likely to have a big or minor impact on their experience. They can support customer/user engagement and increase knowledge of an already available product. Release notes could be included, for instance, when one or more features are added or removed. Using Korrect, not only helps you gather customer feedback in one place, but we also care about the announcements through our release notes tool.

This is How You Can Use Korrect's Release Notes Tool

Boost Customer Retention

Changes are made visible on your website, in-app, and at the appropriate time with Korrect's Widgets. Customers notice the changes as well as how diligently you consistently work for them.

Keep the Integrated Team and The Client in Sync

Korrect integrates with countless other services. In addition to creating updates from GitHub releases, Trello cards, and other sources, forward your modifications to Twitter, Facebook, Slack, MailChimp, and other places.

Strengthen the Feedback Loop

Users of your site can browse updates, share them, and provide feedback when integrated. The appropriate information can be obtained from collected reactions to enhance your product and lower dissatisfaction

Build Excitement Amongst Your Customers

Especially, when customers see something that they wanted since long time, they get excited. Using Korrect can create excitement for your product among audiences.

How Does Release Notes Tool Work?

Amplify Significant Announcements

Your users shouldn't miss any updates, which are constantly released. So, draw visitors' attention by activating Boosters for crucial notifications.

Specifically, Target Notifications

Segment your users based on any characteristic, including their role, location, previous experiences, or anything else. Only send announcements to users who are relevant to your segments.

Gather User Opinions

Observe how users react to fresh releases. Then give them a chance to reply. Tell them that you are listening to what they have to say.

The Entire User Feedback Cycle In One Place

Korrect is more than just a release notes tool, in contrast to other tools. You may complete the entire feedback loop in one place, from gathering ideas and feedback to planning, presenting open plans via roadmap, and announcing product launches.

Gather Client Feedback

Lets users evaluate the product. After they have been examined, gather comments.

Analyse Feedbacks

Examine and redefine your product by reviewing and analysing the feedback categories.

Prioritise and Roadmap

Utilize our tool to prioritise the input based on several models. Integrate the features with various project management tools after adding them to the roadmap.

Declare Updates

Update your customers about the new features. We'll maintain a changelog and provide email updates to your clients.

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