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The Best And Most Affordable Alternative To Sleekplan

Korrect is an alternative customer feedback management tool to Sleekplan that helps you cover the entire feedback loop, from input collecting to feature prioritisation and continuous development, to customer notification. Korrect is a fully integrated feedback solution designed primarily for SaaS firms.

Korrect Features Better Than Sleekplan



Korrect's pricing packages are lower and provide more benefits than many alternatives since we seek to provide inexpensive pricing for our users.

Korrect is completely free to use. If you require unlimited usage in terms of boards, users, and so on, you should consider upgrading to the 'Pro' edition.


The plans offered by Sleekplan are more expensive than those offered by Korrect. Sleekplan's costs will continue to rise as your firm grows in size. Sleekplan and Korrect both provide a free plan to get started, however Korrect's free plan includes more features than Sleekplan's.



Korrect ensures that you receive all of the most important features, regardless of the plan you choose. Never overlook the fantastic features that could assist your team in effectively managing your feedback loop.


The Free bundle from Sleekplan gives you extremely restricted access to their features. Limited user input, unlimited subscribers, unlimited monitored users, feedback forums, and a changelog are among the features provided in sleekplan's free package. This lacks important features such as a private feedback board for pa, user segmentation, and roadmap prioritisation. You must purchase the Growth package to gain access to many of the main features.

User Friendly


At Korrect, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can make this customer feedback tool as enjoyable and simple to use as possible. Everything is made to be as simple as possible without compromising too much strength and control.


It's a bit tricky to add an attribute tag to a menu item in Wordpress to open the widget when clicked. I needed to write some custom php. Because some clients contact us directly with a feature request, it is not yet possible to add users via the backend.

That's Why You Should Choose Korrect

Korrect is an all-in-one user feedback tool and customer satisfaction platform designed for product managers. See why we don't want to compare every feature to Sleekplan:

Totally integrated approach

With just one line of code, Korrect may be fully incorporated into your online application.

In-frame, standalone website, in-app widget, etc.

Korrect may be quickly and easily integrated into your current web application with just one line of code.

Give consideration to client comments

Use more than just up and downvotes. Your comment is given priority by Korrect based on better criteria.

Publish a changelog

Continually update your consumers with new features. Notify customers of updates and keep a changelog of your progress.

Monitor client satisfaction

Discuss client happiness as well as how it changes over time. Don't only talk about new concepts or bugs.

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