Upvoty Alternative

Choose The #1 Upvoty Alternative!

With a steal deal pricing, excellent interface, and a tonne of features to help you create a better feature request portal for your product, Korrect is the ideal substitute for feedback service.

Why Choose Korrect Over Upvoty?

Enjoy Working as Smoothly as Possible

For businesses to utilise our software easily, we created it with one of the greatest user interfaces. The product's user interface is crucial to delivering the optimum user experience. Customers can more easily offer feedback, and product leaders can change their products and expand exponentially.

Simple Installation

You can choose to install the feedback widget on your website or in your application with both Upvoty and Korrect. Directly opposed to Upvoty, however, Korrect is much simpler to set up and offers better customization options, allowing you to embed the widget wherever you like on the website.

Feedback Boards that Never Stop

A great tool for managing and organising feedback is a board. For each use case, such as customer feedback, bugs, internal suggestions, and more, Korrect allows you to create multiple boards. Each board can be customised according to its function with the help of the customisation options.

You must have the authority and confidentiality to arrange customer feedback however you see fit. For that, Korrect is the ideal solution.

Feature Upvotes

With feature upvotes, an organisation can make voting available to the general public. You can choose to let anyone vote on features without logging in or signing up in the organisation settings. Through the incorporated feedback widget, roadmap, and other features, visitors can even upvote.

Both Upvoty and Korrect offer this choice, but what stands out is the privacy provided by Korrect. By providing a second option to reset votes, Korrect makes sure users don't overvote you.

Be Always Updated With Us

More quickly than any other product, Korrect produces what people want after listening to their feedback. You can observe a fresh update to our product that aids in the decision-making process for the product. This update covers every component of a customer feedback cycle.

Greater Value at Less Cost

Both the FREE and subscription versions of Korrect offer an endless number of functions. Upvoty pricing, on the other hand, costs $59 a month for access to Korrect's services. Everything has been considered, including features, support, and cost, to provide the ideal solution for your requirements.

The Ultimate Features You Want!

Although Upvoty and Korrect essentially have identical features, Korrect is more affordable. You can have lifetime coverage thanks to the features Korrect has to offer. The customizations on Upvoty are fine, but Korrect keeps adding new features. Priority features, a fantastic user interface, customer service, and a product fit like never before. Our customizations have excellent privacy and security features. Visit this page to see what else Korrect has to offer in comparison to Upvoty.