UserSnap Alternative

Got A Leading Alternative To Usersnap!

Forget about using extensive spreadsheets, protracted email threads, and other technologies. We streamline the entire online feedback collection, management, and tracking process for you and your staff.

As you develop superior products and services, take into account employing one of the best Usersnap alternatives. Korrect is your go-to resource for client feedback.

Why Choose Korrect Over UserSnap?

Effective for building a website or product

Capable of customer feedback management on major structural and design changes on the website or product.

Chrome Extension

Korrect has got a powerful chrome extension which is better than the usersnap chrome extension in various aspects like usability, accessibility etc.

Bug tracking and feedback management packed together

Full functionality to create and track bugs and also manage feedback from team and guests from development to launch and further improvement.

Future of feedback

Don't just scribble your comments on the picture. Make it demonstrates everything you want to display.

Members of the Team's Roles

Based on how and what each team member will be doing during the project, assign roles to them. Add administrators, owners, and managers.

Select the dashboard's view

Manage customer feedback, track bugs, and visual reviews by choosing between a table view in the Kanban style or a more conventional list view.

All-In-One Feedback Management Tool

For product managers, Korrect is an all-inclusive platform for customer happiness and user feedback. You can see why we don't want to compare UserSnap to every feature:

Post remarks on active websites.

Real-time comments allow you to provide your team with prompt feedback. Keep the development, design, and content teams all on the same page.

Show every activity

Check all of your website adjustments, content updates, and page comments from the Activities panel. Your team will never lose track of current operations in this way.

An in-app widget, a separate website, or an in-frame.

With just one line of code, Korrect may be rapidly and simply integrated into your existing online application.

Fully integrated strategy

Korrect may be fully integrated into your online application with just one line of code.

Give clients' feedback some thought

Don't only use up and downvotes. Korrect prioritises your opinion based on superior standards.

Put a changelog online.

Keep your customers informed about new features. Keep a record of your progress and inform consumers when there are updates.

Track customer satisfaction

Discuss the level of client satisfaction and how it evolves over time. Don't limit your discussion to bugs or fresh ideas.

Projects with clients are shared

By sending a special project URL to your clients, you may use the shareable link to keep them updated at all times. Your clients would be able to see all the advancements you and the team have made in this way. In the end, the feedback loop and turnaround time are reduced.

UserSnap Review

Although its a great tool, its lacks depth and usability. Hence, Korrect is one of the most preferred alternatives to UserSnap