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Korrect strives to enable organisations around the world to implement customer centric practices on a click of a button through it’s innovative products.

Our Story

Hi there :)

We’r co-founders of Korrect.

If you have got a couple of minutes we would like to share unlikely story of how Korrect was born. It all started back in 2016. Back then we were a product studio called Kustard based out of Mumbai India. Companies hired us to build their software products from scratch & simplify their business similar to Clanx where we can hire elite talent on contract

Business was great and we were extremely busy. We were shipping products for our clients like macDonald’s burgers, fast efficient and our client’s were saying "We are loving it!". We used to ship first version of the client’s products within 8-10 weeks and then used to work on the product iteratively based on the feedback received from their customers. With so many concurrent projects, things began to slip through the cracks.

Projects dragged too long, we dropped the ball on key feedback due to in-efficient process in processing feedback. We had some major miscommunication problems (“Wait, who said that? What needs to be added? When? Where?”).

Back then, we relied on excel sheets, trello boards, notion pages, notes. All of these tools are great of many things. But they are not great for capturing, analysing & processing the feedback on the products you deliver to your customers. it was very difficult to act upon it given the thousands of entries and the lack of context. We didn’t know how important every feedback or feature request was, who will it impact, how will it impact, how many people will it affect, it was a huge pain to prioritise and figure out the what to build next (in-fact what not to build next) as it’s practically not possible to ship all the feature requests or act upon all the feedback. You gotta filter out signal out of all the noise. Things get lost, people get left out of conversations, there’s nowhere to go to see what’s left to do & what to pick up for next sprint build. Know what I mean?

So we started looking for a product feedback management tool. We needed something to capture what our client’s customers are saying after using the product, communicate ideas with client’s team internally, organise the work to be done based on the feedback received, present the product roadmap to client and it’s customers & inform them once it’s live as simple as that.

We tried a few tools, but they were complicated and too hard to use. So we slowly slipped back to using our old standby - excel sheets and notion. Our problems continued. Meanwhile our business was running great and profitable from day 1 of it’s inception. We had grown from just 3 founders to an extremely talented team of 20 ninja’s. In 2020 October one of our client gave us an offer to sell the business at $2M, the offer was great and we had a comfort of working with the client’s team so we decided to take it. While building on the projects after getting acquired we found ourselves in the same spot of managing feedback in-efficiently.

Frustrated, we decided to build our own simple product feedback management tool specially crafted for product teams who are working on scale and listening to multiple channels of feedback. We also discovered that being transparent with your users and customers earns you customer loyalty so we ended up building stuff where you can build and maintain a public roadmap along with internal roadmaps and whenever you release any feature or enhancements, it gets pushed to a change log which is also public.

We at Korrect, are extremely obsessed about building great software. Always keeping users at the centre of everything we do. We are on a mission to help teams build better products with our wide range of solutions catering to a gamete of use-cases. More importantly, we are bootstrapped which ensures we always build stuff that our users actually want and we are here to stay! Our job is to help you your job better.

We hope you’ll consider using Korrect to grease the wheels of your products. Everything runs efficient with Korrect behind the scenes!

Here’s to never compromising and building great products, making things happen for you every day!

Javed, Mandar & Uday,

Co-founders of Korrect

Our Values
Create products people love

We use the magic of empathy to create products people love.

Turn customers into fans

We turn customers into brand advocates meaning them their opinions really matter.

Be honest and transparent

With honesty and transparency, we have garnered trust, loyalty and responsibility amongst our customers, team mates, friends and everyone who knows us.

Think long term

We believe in never ever taking shortcuts, whatever we do we take pride in doing that thinking from a long term perspective.

Deliver measurable business value

We believe a business that doesn’t creates value is not a business. Our mantra is not only deliver business value but it has to be measurable.


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