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Let Your Users Vote For the Feature They Want

With Korrect's Feature Upvoting, you'll be able to share your backlog and let users upvote the features they need in your software.

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What is a Feature Upvoting Tool?

Feature Upvote is a tool that helps you organise and prioritise suggestions from your team or customer feedback that has been made public. Contributors don't have to go through any kind of learning curve to get started. Korrect's Feature Upvoting is simple to set up, simple for users to vote on, suggest changes, and isn't overstuffed with features you probably don't need or want.

It will take you no more than two minutes to have a feedback board available for your consumers to contribute. We've worked hard to keep things seeming straightforward for you and your customers as we've added more and more robust features over the years. We create sensible defaults and, for the most part, protect your team from complexity. Our online message boards feature built-in voting capabilities. Additionally, they make it simple for you to comment on recommendations.

Feature Upvoting: Why Use It?

1. Recognise your customers' needs.

Finding out what matters most to your consumers and which customers care about is the main goal of feature upvoting.

The features that are most significant to your consumers will receive the most upvotes. Your product will gain value if you build features that your customers want and appreciate.

2. Know which features are important to certain types of clients.

Check which features are receiving the most votes from customers. If you have multiple client profiles or sections, you can determine which sections are most important to each one and base your product decisions on those segments.

3. Make feature and roadmap prioritisation more accurate by eliminating guesswork.

Feature Upvoting is a terrific approach to eliminate any uncertainty about what your customers desire. Knowing what your customers want can help you organise your roadmap and ensure that you are creating the proper items.

4. Create a roadmap with data-based priorities.

Keep a current list of the features you most frequently request. Make the number of upvotes one of the data points you use when prioritising your offering. Add this to additional information, such as the effort put into developing the feature, its strategic significance, etc.

5. Keep your backlog updated and organised.

Gather all of your feature requests in one location with data on how many customers and which customers have voted for a particular feature to avoid that mess and maintain an ordered backlog.

6. Inform your clients when you introduce a product that they have requested.

The notification that something they requested or supported has been launched is the actual watershed moment. Users feel heard and respected as a result of this. It's a simple method to provide your clients with a wonderful experience, and too few businesses take advantage of it.

In the end, it all boils down to expanding your company through contented customers. To learn what your customers value and want, use the GetKorrect feature upvoting tool. Utilize that to direct your product development so that you can give your customers a better value product, which will drive growth and lower turnover.

How Feature Upvoting Work on Korrect?

Let User Vote

Send a feedback board to your users with the features you can launch. Let users vote for the feature they want!

Prioritise the Voted feedback

Keep those feedback on your priority and lead your team accordingly.

Announce the Update

Once you have updated your software, Korrect will help you announce the update to your users.

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