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All user feedback in one place

Gather all the user feedback, ideas, feature requests from different channels and keep it organized in one place. Analyse and decide what to build next.

Reason #1
Feedback Boards

Collect customer feedback and feature requests from your users and use it as an upvoting tool.

Reason #3
Private Boards

With private boards you can gather feedback and votes, discuss feedback internally with your team and management.

Reason #5
Upvote Ideas

Allow your users to upvote on feature requests and feedback.

Reason #7
Vote on Behalf

You can also vote on behalf on different stakeholders like management, customers, internal team members etc.

Reason #9
Admin Badge

A unique identifier that helps users identify the admin or the key decision makers.

Reason #11
Email Notifications

Notify your users whenever there’s any update on the board.

Reason #2
Embeddable Widgets

Easily capture feedback by embedding boards on to your website or app.

Reason #4
Custom Status

Customise the feedback status as per the nomenclature decided by our team internally.

Reason #6
Custom Tags & Categories

Put proper tags and categorise feedback into respective buckets.

Reason #8
Internal Comments

Have private discussion within your team with internal comments.

Reason #10
Product Feature Voting Board

Gather all the features in a single private or public board and make people vote for the same.

Reason #12
Customer Segmentation

Extract data based on different user parameters like plan type, account, location, gender etc.

Private and public product roadmaps

Automatically build and publish roadmap after prioritising feedback and feature requests.

Reason #1
Public Roadmap

Keep your users updated on what have you shipped, what are you working on and what’s coming in next.

Reason #3
Private Roadmap

Maintain a private roadmap for your team so all the stakeholders are on the same page.

Reason #5
Prioritise Features

With limited resources and time, its always challenging to identify what to build and what to discard.

Reason #7
Update Status

Update status of every feature as it progresses in terms of development.

Reason #9
Customer Feedback Loop

Receive feedback on the already shipped features and again iterate upon it.

Reason #2
Embeddable Widgets

Easily embed your roadmap in any website or app of your choice.

Reason #4
RICE, KANO Templates

Prioritise features based on existing prioritisation frameworks and models.

Reason #6
Custom Prioritisation Model

Create your own custom prioritisation model based on different parameters.

Reason #8
Custom Roadmap Lanes

Customise the kanban roadmap as per your convenience and best practices followed in your organisation.

Reason #10
Sorting Preferences

Sort and view cards or features they way you want, given its flexibility.

Announce new features and releases

Communicate with your users to make them aware of the features and thus increase product engagement.

Reason #1
Share Updates

Update your customers with release notes and change log.

Reason #3
Instant Reactions

Collect instant feedback and reactions from users after you announce the update.

Reason #5
Text Composer

With rich text editor, compile the updates exactly the way you want.

Reason #7

Get insights as to how users are responding the new release or product update.

Reason #2
Embed Anywhere

Easily embed the changelog anywhere into your website or app.

Reason #4
Notify Users

Notify users via different channels.

Reason #6
Custom Categories

Create your own categories like “Improvement”, “Announcement”, “New”,etc as per your requirement.

Reason #8
Search Engine Ready

Drive organic users to your product with search engine optimised pages.

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