Korrect: The Free Alternative to Canny.io

Finally, a AI powered cutting-edge tool for gathering, analysing, and prioritising user feedback. Choose Korrect as a canny alternative for your product if you are looking for a simple to use user feedback tool that is free and powerful.

Korrect is an alternative product feedback management tool to Canny.io. Korrect helps you gather & prioritise all your feedback in one place, communicate with your customers and notify them when you launch something they have asked for.

Looking for an alternative to Canny.io? Showing the top benefits of picking Korrect as an alternative to Canny.

Clean and minimal design

In order for you and your customers to enjoy working together on customer feedback, we have worked very hard to make it as tidy and attractive as we can.

Simple to use

Everything is made to be simple without giving up too much control or authority. We at Korrect make this customer feedback tool as enjoyable and user-friendly as possible.

Engage in meaningful discussion

Forget about complex metrics and prioritisation systems and put your attention on having genuine, meaningful discussions with your consumers.

Become more customer centric

Pay attention to your client’s input, and seize any chance to show them that you value their business by letting them know what you plan to do in response. Make them supporters of your company and maintain their happiness.

Our goal is to assist you

When you require assistance, we are available. We offer direct assistance from live individuals.

Why Choose Korrect Over Canny?

Extensive features

No matter what package you select, Korrect ensures that you receive all the necessary features. Never sacrifice the wonderful features that might help you manage the feedback loop for your team.

Uncomplicated pricing

At Korrect, we make a lot of effort to keep our costs low for consumers. It is always free to use, but if you need unlimited access to the boards, users, etc., you might wish to upgrade to the "Pro" version.

Gather thorough insights rather than votes

Customers have a variety of needs. Instead of assuming what your customers want, you'll be able to know it and why by capturing and gathering insights from its source.

Where Canny lack?

Fewer Features in Free Tier

The features available to you with Canny's Starter pack are severely constrained. A private feedback board, user segmentation, and roadmap prioritisation are a few crucial features that are absent. You must purchase the Growth package in order to access many key features.

Costly pricing

Canny's plans are more expensive than Korrect's costing atleast $400. Canny is not a reasonable alternative for growing businesses because your costs will keep rising as your business scales to more users.

Emphasises feature voting

The feature voting mechanism Canny prioritises gathering upvotes over individual insights. Your team will find it challenging to comprehend why people want a feature if feature requests are hidden beneath upvotes.

End your search here, sign up for Korrect as the free canny alternative!