We help our clients in the EU and across the globe comply with GDPR. You control your data.

Single Sign-on Login

Integrate with your existing authentication system to provide secure authentication with Korrect. Integrate with simple steps.

Delta Backups

Our database gets backed up to multiple cloud locations with new changes. So there is always a backup of the data in a safe place.

Always-on HTTPS/SSL

We use a free SSL certificate. We also provide a free SSL certificate for customers with custom domains.

Spam prevention

We use a spam filter to prevent spam from entering our system components like posts, comments, and votes.

Zero Trackers

We do not have any tracker installed to track users and their actions. We improve by talking to our customers rather than to track them.


All our application systems, databases, and backup servers run on multiple cloud infrastructures, hosted in the Europian Union. For detailed information about the security measures our hosting providers like Vercel, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS takes, please reach out to us, and we can share with you some information.

Our Security Practices

These are the security measures we take to protect ourselves and our user data.

If you believe you have found a security issue in one of our services you can report it by emailing us at [email protected].

We follow these security procedures:

  • All information sent to Korrect is encrypted on transit. We use strict TLS/SSL for all our application endpoints.
  • Our alerting systems are advanced and runs on multiple cloud instances across the globe to keep our security and uptime in check. We have engineers on-call to handle incidents 24x7.
  • Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • We enable two-factor authentication for all the third-party platforms and collaboration tools we use in the company. We run audits and checks every two-weeks to make sure these tools are complying with our standards.
  • We highly discourage people from using shared logins for any purpose. In situations where shared passwords are necessary, we use a self-hosted version of a password manager to share passwords with the team.
  • Our automated systems and bots make sure we can push updates to all our apps within minutes. The average time it takes to update our app is currently at 4 minutes. We push updates multiple times a day throughout the week to push updates, patches, and improvements. Incase of a security event, we will ensure that the issues are patched as soon as possible.

How we handle payments

Korrect does not store any card or payment information in our servers. All our payments are being handled by Stripe, who act as our payment gateway. For information about Stripe's security policies and compliance, visit their security page