6 Incredible Public Product Roadmaps for SaaS Companies

6 Incredible Public Product Roadmaps for SaaS Companies

A product roadmap is a valuable tool for gaining client trust by demonstrating the product development process. SaaS companies publish their future product plans and modifications in order to entice and engage customers. It not only attracts customers but also establishes a trusting relationship with them.

Users are more knowledgeable than ever before thanks to the advent of the internet and technology, so it is vital for SaaS product development firms to reveal their product development roadmap so that users can know what exciting is going to launch in the future.

Several well-known organizations are increasingly sharing their public product roadmaps in order to increase customer engagement. This post will provide you with examples of the ideal SaaS product roadmaps that will assist you in gaining public confidence and conversions.

Understanding Public Product Roadmap

A public product roadmap is an outline or overview of the product management team that motives at describing the product development journey from scratch. It not only includes the product development process but also entails the users’ experience at each step of development. It also includes the company’s objectives and goals behind manufacturing and developing the product. Company’s future plans and strategies are the important components of the public product roadmap.

Public Roadmap Examples


ClickUp assists you in developing rich text docs for marketing plans, tactics, and reports. It makes it simpler to keep all information on the same platform and access it with a single click. Each quarter, the ClickUp project management team shares the product roadmap. They give their consumers a complete summary in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format.


Loom is a well-known public product roadmap tool that facilitates information gathering through screen sharing. It is divided into three easy sections: 1) launched product, 2) under consideration, and 3) future development.


Korrect is a rapidly evolving product feedback management and public product roadmap tool that allows users to submit feature requests and feedback. Based on customer feedback, it aids the product management team in developing a trustworthy and resilient product. Every stage of the product roadmap is outlined in detail.


Gorgias is a public help desk that uses images to show users the product roadmap. Their strategies are based on customer feedback. A product roadmap is based on the user's experience, which they can obtain by using customer feedback management tools. Customer feedback serves as a guide for the product management team, directing the product development roadmap.


Github's is an effective public product roadmap tool that informs consumers about the features that will be released. They also display their current product development status. Each created feature is shown on the roadmap. It allows users to leave comments and make feature requests about the product. The conversation is locked during the developing phase.


Buffer has a clear demonstration regarding product development journey, which they have categorized mainly in four parts- 1) Exploring, 2) Under progress, 3) done) and 4) leaving for now.

An Ideal Public Roadmap Feature

A user-friendly design characterizes an ideal public roadmap. It should be pleasant and simple to comprehend. It must include a basic summary of the features that have been prioritized based on consumer feedback. It provides a good communication route for gathering user feedback on product development. It assists the product management team in optimizing their development process in a path that leads to revenue generation.