Public Product Roadmap

Public Product Roadmap

If you are trying to go from A to B and want to reach your destination on time without wasting a ton of gas, you need a roadmap. This also applies to your product. If you're going to build a great product efficiently then you should have a product roadmap.

This is why the foundation of any successful product team is a product roadmap. It is the one source of truth that explains your direction and motivation to everyone, from engineers to stakeholders.

What is The Product Roadmap?

A document outlining the strategy for a company's goods and services is known as a public product roadmap. It is a platform where users can learn more about your planning and, more significantly, where they can participate in the continuing improvement of your service. The roadmaps of the majority of SaaS organisations are often timeline-driven or provide large time spans for essential developments.

The Only Public Product Roadmap Tool You Need

If you are our regular user then you know how Korrect is helping other businesses to grow with the help of our feedback tool. If you are not our regular user then let me tell you “Korrect is a feedback tool that helps to build a better product by analyzing the user feedback across different channels in a single place so you can prioritize and build what the user wants.”

What does a roadmap primarily serve?

Roadmaps are critically important papers that outline the general strategic plan of a product team. Building a vision of what will be supplied, why it is valuable, and roughly when it will be available is necessary to do.

They act as an effective tool for internal and external stakeholders' communication and alignment within the delivery team.

Effective public roadmaps enable you to:

  • Arouse curiosity and involvement in potential customers who are considering a specific characteristic
  • Customers may be tempted by the impending upgrade.
  • Create a connection and sense of empathy between product managers and users
  • Promote the product openly and honestly

How to Use a  Public Roadmap to Engage Your Customers

Customise Public or Internal Roadmap

Depending on your requirements, you may either make your roadmap available to the general public or only allow selected users or team members access.

On public message boards, you can enable anonymous tip submission and roadmap item voting via registration or single sign-on.

User in the feedback loop

  • Email and in-app notifications should be sent to users when there are status updates.
  • Inform potential clients that you are dedicated to continuous improvement.
  • Show your teammates the next product.

With Korrect, you can achieve all these things just in a minute.

Publish a Roadmap to Demonstrate Your Dedication.

  • Be open and honest about your customer-centricity.
  • Gather suggestions and let everyone know what you'll be focusing on.
  • Demonstrate the improvements your team is making to the product.

How do companies manage their product roadmaps?

A variety of commercial solutions are available for developing and maintaining product roadmaps. Korrect has some capability in this area. Many businesses still use all-purpose software like PowerPoint and Confluence to manage their product roadmaps, but they frequently find that this is difficult as the documents need to be updated over time and customized for varied audiences. For instance, Ketto totally redesigned its road mapping and customer feedback collection process with Korrect Feedback, doing away with outdated spreadsheets and adding a layer of automation.


We have covered a lot of ground. Apply what you've learned to your product roadmap at this point.

Here is a guideline to get you started:

  • Decide on the ideal tool for the task.
  • Select a roadmap structure that is appropriate for your product.
  • Keep the feedback loop open: As you take user feedback into account and release updates, your roadmap should be continually changing.

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