How to Build a Customer-Centric SaaS Product

Customers and businesses have a symbiotic relationship in which they both cater to each other's needs. Every business requires loyal customers in order to grow and develop; similarly, customers require an effective solution that solves their problems. When developing a product, it is critical for every company to take a customer-centric approach. When designing and developing a SaaS product, the customer experience is the top priority.

SaaS product refers to software as a service tool or app. It allows customers to access business information and streamline several business operations in an automated way. Cloud-based technology provides direct access to the data for monitoring and managing different tasks.SaaS products assist businesses by increasing their efficiency and saving time and effort. Before building a SaaS product it is important to take customers’ opinions, it enables you to assess whether your product can cater to their needs or not. Furthermore, A customers’-centric approach leads to creating a product-market-fit solution.

How to Build a Product that Your Customers Find Great?

In order to build a product that your customers will love, you have to know their requirements and expectations from the customers. After doing your homework regarding searching for a problem that needs a solution which you can provide, you need to consider the thoughts of the customers regarding the solution. Customer feedback is a great way to know customers’ views.

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Detecting Customers’ Problem

“Detecting Customers’ Problem”

Searching the market to identify customers’ problems is the first step toward building a customer-centric product. you can conduct several surveys, interviews and research to understand customers’ problems. You can also ask them what kind of solution they expect from the SaaS product. It can be done using different customer feedback management tools.

Developing Strategy

After finding the objective, you have to build a product design strategy based on customers' requirements. It includes the management of the availability of the resources, talent, materials and amount. Strategy leads to the product roadmap.

Product Development Process

Developing a product that caters to the customers’ needs is really a win-win situation for both customers and businesses. Surprising your customers with additional features makes them fall in love with your product.


An excellent user interface is a crucial part of any SaaS product. Poor user experience leads to an increased churn rate as it creates confusion and customers usually leave the site. UX is the must to consider the feature to deliver a great user experience. It leads to customer retention and conversions.  While a user-friendly interface encourages customers to share their pleasant experiences with their friends, family and colleagues.

Content Marketing and Advertisement

Content marketing and advertisements are effective ways to promote your brand. Using an SEO strategy to optimize your content and rank your brand on Google Search Engine is the best way to provide it global access. Through product marketing on different social media sites and websites, you can provide information regarding your SaaS product and its features.

Communication with customers is key to gaining their trust. Requesting them to give their feedback makes them feel happy and special. You can know their experience by sending a welcome email and integrating customers’ feedback management tools. It will help you to get instant and genuine feedback from the customers.

Building Customers-Centric Product

Customer feedback tools help you to understand customers, requirements regarding products and services. You can integrate or reduce product features according to their requirements. Make sure you are updating customers regarding changes you have made based on their suggestions.

This data-driven approach not only helps in product development but also improves customer retention.